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Nancy Means Wright


    (*After her divorce, Wright took on the persona of gutsy Fay)

    Fay's reading Virginia Woolf: how
    a woman ought to have five hundred
    pounds and a room of her own. Fay's got
    the room all right—six flights up and over-

    looking Video King, if you lean out
    the bathroom window you see a slice
    of sky and sometimes the handle
    on the Dipper. But Fay's got acrophobia.

    Open the window: her knees quake, belly
    wheezes, blood leaks into her knuckles
    and Fay collapses in a bang of bones.
    Still Woolf holds something for Fay:

    how many older women walk out with only
    a sack on the back, rocks in the pocket—
    where's the five hundred pounds now?
    So Fay sticks stars on the bathroom ceiling,

    half moon over the toilet, To The Light-
    house next to the Zinfandel by the four-legged
    tub; red Gloxinia in the window and snap-
    shots of the offspring in each cracked

    pane. When Fay gets a yen for the Dipper
    she looks at those faces: one has the grin
    Fay had in school the time she told them
    Uncle Frank was F.D.R. in the White House,

    for a whole week until they found out
    Fay was the big kid in town, Fay was
    a star on the ceiling, her own Big
    Dipper. Fay was a Room of her Own.

by Nancy Means Wright                   


Published in Sojourner / U. Southern Illinois Press


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