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Nancy Means Wright


    The morning pond is bluish-green like
    the brooch her grandmother wears
    at her wrinkled neck; the girl can see
    clear to the bottom, pebbles like
    glass eyes and fish flashing cut quartz.
    Out in the center a duck floats
    still as though painted onto surface,
    his feathers extend the waters.
    Wind ribs her hair over her eyes,
    the world purls and puckers.

    Tomorrow the boy in the book that lies
    face-down on her lap will
    drown, there is no way out, she already
    knows the ending. Tonight
    there will be a frost, the cold will
    creep up like a feral cat
    to seize the duck in ice. His head is nacre
    green, his breast a russet leaf
    that breathes in the soft swell as though
    it would suck up the day, the hour,

    the instant. The girl lies back
    on the grassy bank, her toes dig the dirt,
    her hands cradle her arched neck and
    the book drops into the weeds. She floats
    in the lap of autumn currents.
    Her chest expands with each quick breath.
    The sun is hot on her damp green brow.

by Nancy Means Wright                   


Published 1998 in The Sow's Ear Poetry Review


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