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Nancy Means Wright


    This morning you find yourself
    hugging a tree: it's your front yard
    gingko, bare-leafed and rough,
    the trunk just narrow enough to get
    your arms around. It's one of those
    moments when people and trees
    come together, when the mind empties
    out like spilled milk and you are

    that tree; and when the UPS man
    climbs out of his truck, surprised
    to see you hugging a tree but too polite
    to ask why and hands over a package
    to sign for, you think: Who is this
    woman—and isn't it time to get
    to know her? And when the neighbor
    who just moved in next door

    with six cats and an old red pickup
    comes jogging down the road,
    you holler, Kettle's on! C'mon in.
    And though her eyes widen to see you
    stroking the bark of the gingko—she
    turns and trots up your walk.
    And you know this is exactly what
    you were longing for when you

    first embraced that tree: a cup
    of green tea and a neighbor who looks
    bewitching today in her purple
    cape, her tall rubber boots and a rusty
    frizz of hair that sticks straight up
    like an antenna, like a genie
    dropped in from some distant star
    and in your own front yard.

by Nancy Means Wright                   

Originally published in The Coe Review, '06.


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